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Baby Pocket Learning Cards

Baby Pocket Learning Cards

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Wouldn't you like to boost your child's linguistic skills? Help them grow their vocabulary and enhance their pronunciation?

Language development is important for many other aspects of children growth, like cognitive, social and literacy development.


Pronunciation & Sound Effect

Pocket Vocab plays both the card's pronunciation and sound effect, helping your child imagine the word in their head!

224 Unique Cards

Over 200 cards of animals, foods, people, and transportation come with Pocket Vocab!

Reduce Screen Time

Designed to mimic a screen, Pocket Vocab keeps your children away from phones and tablets, reducing screen time.

Premium Quality Material

Pocket Vocab is made from a smooth premium plastic that is non-toxic and completely safe for children.

    Create the excitement to self-learn for kids with illustration sounds of the world around them

    Boost listening ability and comprehension effectively, helping kids memorize about 200 essential vocabs in only 1 week

    Guide kids to pronounce correctly with the English teacher's voice

    Help understand fastly, remember long, increase word recognition

    Use USB charging cable. Your kids can learn easily anytime, anywhere without Wifi.

✅Learn English Through Story Method

✅Forming Perseverance

✅IQ And EQ Improvements

✅Perfect Hand-eye Coordination

✅Learn How To Solve Problems

Improve Vocabulary & Discover Voice
These Smart Toy Flash Cards enable your Kid to start speaking clearly faster. Introduce your Little One to the world of Learning with Fun. Kids the Fun & the learning
Because the Kids can operate it on their own, they love the interactive & Fun nature of these Flash Cards. 

Native English Pronunciation

These Flash cards pronounce the name of the Card Inserted and the sounds of vehicles/animals in native English. This ensures that your kid picks up the correct speech.
Non Tablet Learning Activity Don't Worry about your Kid spending hours watching TV/Tablet/Phone. This is super Interactive and fun making your kid addicted for the right reasons.

This is the best way for your kids to Learn sounds of Various Animals - Dog, Cat, Duck etc.
Suitable for Autistic Kids Also These Smart Flash Cards are a big hit with Autistic children who have a speech lag. Daily practice with Smarty Toys Help in reducing such weaknesses.

Watch your Kids Have Fun Learning!
Helping You Create the Smartest Kids of the Future! Special Sale TODAY!


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