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Portable Oil Sprayer

Portable Oil Sprayer

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This oil dispenser seamlessly transitions between a spray and pour bottle, maximizing kitchen space and offering flexibility in cooking techniques.

  • Ordinary watering cans have a poor atomization effect and easily soil the bottle. This new type of spray can spray evenly, and there is no residue on the mouth of the bottle, which avoids the trouble of getting hands dirty.


➤Multifunctional Oil Spray Bottle:

  • Suitable for all kinds of oils, very suitable for olive oil, sesame oil, vegetable oil, etc.

➤Transparent Design:

  • This transparent visual sprayer is convenient to know the oil status and amounteasy to quickly identify the seasoning (oil/vinegar/sauce), and can also contain beverages, water, wine, etc

➤Fan-shaped Atomizing Nozzle:

  • The spray bottle sprays in a fan shape from the center to slightly to the sides and injects an appropriate amount of oil in a controlled process, and the spray form perfectly covers the food to create an even distribution.


  • The large opening can easily pour oil without a funnel, and the specially designed bottle mouth can seal the bottle tightly to prevent leakage.

➤Safe Material:

  • Made of food-grade PET material, BPA-free, 100% safe, and high temperature resistant, use is more assured.


  • With just a few presses on the handle of the bottle, it can cover the food in a spray-like manner.


  • Size: 6cm X 20.5cm / 2.36" X 8.07"
  • Capacity: 280ml
  • Material: PP+PET
  • Weight: 160g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mrs. M. B. Irani
Excellent product

Very convenient way of using oil , limits the quantity of oil usage. I use it for making dosa and omlette also good for salad dressings. A must have product. The bottle is of good quality and light in weight, easy to handle.

Rajesh Verma
Convenient and Efficient

This portable oil sprayer has become an essential tool in my kitchen. It saves me time and ensures even distribution of oil. An excellent product!

Rahul Sharma
Great Product!

I absolutely love this portable oil sprayer. It works flawlessly and has made cooking so much easier for me. Highly recommended!

Ankit Singh
Saves Oil

With this sprayer, I've noticed a significant reduction in the amount of oil I use while cooking. It's an eco-friendly choice and a money-saver in the long run. Love it!

Ritu Choudhary
Compact and Portable

The compact size of this oil sprayer makes it easy to carry around. I take it with me on picnics and camping trips. It's a fantastic kitchen companion!