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Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

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Do You Fear Cutting Your Childs Nails?
Say Goodbye to traditional baby nail clippers!

We created Premium Baby Nail Trimmer for those parents like myself who struggle with a squirmy child. 

Cutting my daughters nails gives me like many parents anxiety every-time 😰 but I knew I needed a solution when our daughter began scratching her face in her sleep. 

How it works?

Our nail trimmer is specifically designed to safely and quickly trim and polish little toe and fingernails for both babies as well as adults. It is super soft and will not damage cuticles or nail beds.

No need for nail clippers, no need to fear cutting a babies little finger with nail clippers. Safe and easy trimmers for new-born nails or adults.

  • VERY QUIET DURING OPERATION: Are you going to use it at night while they sleep? Due to its whisper-quiet motor, you can cut their nails while they sleep without them even knowing it!


  • NO MORE SCARS AND UNEXPECTED SCRATCHES: Babies frequently have their hands up near their faces, and it is easy for them to accidentally leave cuts if their nails are not kept very short or cut incorrectly.

  • EASY TO USE: Designed to control speed and rotation in order to enhance nail trimming positions for softer, smoother nails.

  • SUITABLE FOR BOTH YOU AND YOUR CHILD: This Electric Trimmer is not just for children, but you can also use it for yourself at home and save a lot of money compared to salons!


This LED electric baby nail trimmer is an excellent gift for friends, family members and anyone with a baby. Compact, lightweight, and easy to gift. 

Package Includes:

1x Nail Trimmer (pink or blue)

6x Nail Trimmer Heads


If you are not completely satisfied with your new LED electric baby nail trimmer, you get a full refund no questions asked within 60 days.

We know you will love your new baby nail trimmer, and we are backing it up with this guarantee to make it hassle and risk free for you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Yapor Lida(gameh)

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer is good product

Munseer Moosa


Anusua Guha
Happy wth the product

I was worried abt my baby nails even was feeling sacred nd tension always that hw I will.cut my babies nails.i was sacred abt nail cutter nd scissors.but finally I found the nail trimmer..seriously it Works superb..even it's safe for babies nails too..thxs too this company..

Rohit Gupta
Good Quality & Great Product

Good quality and great product. Finally managed to trim my baby nails after many scratches to his face. Don't hesitate buy it.

Rushabh Vora
Giving this to every new parent

Honestly, this nail filer is great for my 4-month-old baby. It is very quiet and so gentle, and stops right away with just a bit of pressure when in contact with skin.